To create the extraordinary, we draw strength from our steady lifestyle. It provides us with stability and consolidates our roots.

Over time, the original mixed farming culture turned into pure winegrowing. My grandparents, Josef and Mathilde Hutzler, understood the signs of the times and started selling bottled wine. In recognition of their achievements, we named our best Grüner Veltliner “Hutzler”, a bow to the vision and courage of that generation.

Now, it is our turn to use our fantasy to unite past and future and adapt them to the requirements of the present. My wife Karin is my most important supporter in this endeavor and together we watch with excitement the development of our children Philip and Katharina.


I have been running our traditional business, since the year 2000. The transition to the new generation happened gradually with the help of my parents Maria and Fritz Bauer. But, most importantly, it happened in an atmosphere of harmony. Having diligently prepared the transition of business, I was able to take over all the individual tasks, one by one. My wife Karin and I as well as my parents are now an experienced team.

The Stefan Bauer vineyard prefers a discreet, classic style. The Grüner Veltliner, our primary grape variety, particularly benefits from this approach.

“I don’t believe in ‘screaming’, aggressive wines. I trust in the natural benefits of the traditional varieties that I value, and I take great care of them during the vinification process. I don’t follow short-term trends.” Stefan Bauer

Hutzler Reserve 2013

Riesling 2013

Testimonials & Reviews

• Falstaff Guide 15/16 - 3 stars

Hutzler Reserve 13 - 93 points
Bromberg 14
- 91 points
Roter Veltliner 14
- 90 points


• Vinaria Guide 15/16 - 3 crowns

Hutzler Reserve 13 - 5 stars
Steinagrund 14 - 4 stars
Bromberg 14 - 4 stars


• wein.pur 14/15

Roter Veltliner Reserve 13 - 90 points


• A LA CARTE 14/15

Hutzler Reserve 12 - 93 points
Steinagrund 13 - 92 points
Roter Veltliner Reserve 13 - 92 points


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