Family endures, enduring change.

It is thanks to family that our work has become second nature.  It has bequeathed to us the energy to create something extraordinary.  It sounds simple, but then keeping a family together is also hard work.

Love and understanding for each other are the ties that bind.  Here, young and old live side-by-side, each learning from the other:  sometimes quite deliberately, often hardly aware that they are doing so.  This is how we protect our knowledge and pass it on, from generation to generation and from one person to another.

Stefan, Karin, Maria, Fritz, Katharina und Philip



Character is no


Happy chance brings us together around one table.

Communal spirit and individual responsibility do not contradict each other: together, they form the pillars of our family. Each has their task and when they can go no further alone, there is always someone they can turn to. A family is made up of individuals and draws upon the combination of their strengths. That is important for making wine, when out hunting and with everything which makes us what we are.



Nothing else is needed to describe our world.  Since our childhood, hares have frolicked in the vineyards and pheasants taken fright and flight, when we got too close.  Such memories shape your sense of taste and with it, your way of life.  Even today, after successful hunting the whole family gathers for dinner.  The wine accompanying it is the harvest of this life.  Stefan could see it in his mind's eye long ago: long before he planted and cared for the vines, plucked the grapes  and filled the bottles. 



This life has never proved too narrow.  After all, we have spent enough time away to appreciate it.  And what warmer moment can there be than a homecoming to the people you care about? Together we have left our mark upon this way of life; we have burnished it and lent its simplicity the elegance that defines us as vintners and as hosts.